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Media monitoring

Global media monitoring

We offer monitoring of more than 10,000 publications across the world, primarily through the Factiva database that contains a rich collection of internationally acclaimed sources, including such prominent titles as The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Dow Jones, Reuters, Associated Press. In addition, our global media monitoring involves the use of Google and Yahoo search engines.

Global media coverage is delivered on a regular basis, or as a one-time service.

We offer media clips in all European and key oriental languages, giving either a brief review or a full translation whenever appropriate.

English language media sources (over 5,000 in total): The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, Reuters, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Independent, Independent on Sunday, Economist, Businessweek, Fortune, Forbes, The Daily Telegraph (UK), International Herald Tribune, The Globe and Mail, Bloomberg, Financial Times.

French language media (over 150 in total): Le Figaro, Agence France Presse, La Croix, La Tribune, Le Monde, Le Parisien, Les Echos, Liberation, L'Humanite, L'Equipe, France Soir.

German language media (over 300 in total): Berliner Zeitung, Bild-Zeitung, Express, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Frankfurter Rundschau, Neues Deutschland, Der Spiegel, Suddeutsche Zeitung, Der Tagesspiegel, Die Tageszeitung, Die Welt, Dpa.

Spanish language media (over 80 in total): El Mundo, La razon, El economista, El correo de Andalucia, La nueva Espana, 20 minutos Barcelona, El periodico de Catalunya.

Italian language media (over 60 in total): Avvenire, Corriere della Sera, Mattino, Messaggero, Milano Finanza, Riformista, La Repubblica, Unita, ANSA.

Media digest and survey

A media digest is an analytical summary, providing the client with a comprehensive overview of the day's leading news stories in the area of interest. Our analysts cut through huge stockpiles of information, released by leading business media, news agencies and online specialist titles. The digest gives equal coverage to newsbreaks and expert and media reviews, also carrying announcements of forthcoming events. The structure of the summary gives direct hints at the most relevant news in the sector.

We offer mobile access to the shortened version of our Day's Leading News webpage.

News Alert

Our News Alert service provides clients immediate media insight helping you to be aware of most breaking news critical for your business in real time.

Our team monitors key newswires (Interfax, RBC, Prime-TASS, RIA Novosti) and online sources during the working day (from 8000 to 2200) to keep you posted of the latest risk-containing materials.

News alerts are sent by e-mail as messages with the indication of its topic and/or by sms to the cell-phone number no later than one hour after the news release.

Mobile monitoring

The agency provides clients an option to be in touch with information and analytical products through their handset. In addition to news alerts by sms, we can offer your direct links to cell-phone adjusted versions of media summaries or digests, and events calendar.

Events calendar

Events calendar is a listing of social, political and industry developments, which offers you an opportunity to keep track of the most important events of interest for your company. Events calendar is a versatile guide, structured by sectors, dates, and levels and types of occasions, which makes navigation through the events easier.

Events calendar is available as a print issue with periodical updates, or at the agency website, where clients can surf it and select events as appropriate.

Media analysis

Company reputation and competitors

The media content analysis and evaluation allows the client to receive insightful information about the quantitative and qualitative accounts of how it is communicated through the media, as well as understand what key issues are coming up on the media horizon, discover impacts on coverage and prevent information risks.

Flexible timeframes of analysis provide comprehensive solutions of various problems in the format of daily and weekly analytical reviews and surveys, which help the client define and understand its current media profile and respond adequately to news breaks, while monthly, quarterly and annual surveys may help adjust communications policy and reputation management strategy. The analysis of competitors' media profiles makes it possible to adjust your business policy with due account of communication campaigns by rivals. The company reputation management provides for a qualitative, quantitative and content analysis, vital for understanding the company media profile.

PR measurement and evaluation

PR measurement and evaluation is a sequence of quantitative and qualitative analysis of PR activities and communication strategy of the company. The methodology to evaluate PR effectiveness is developed individually for each client, and involves both the best practices and in-house methods.

The key groups of methods for PR measurement and evaluation are:

  • Key Performance Indicator, which we measure for both internal and external activities of your PR service, taking into account the quality of materials released, the extent to which the article describes the research object, and the importance of media, publishing the materials in question.
  • Advertising Value Equivalent, measured with regards to the costs of buying space for advertisements in various media. The main method is to collate the total volume of all positive and neutral articles about the company (taking into account of the extent to which it describes the object of the research) with the price of advertisements of the same volume. In summary, AVE is used to assess the cost-effectiveness of PR activities.
  • Qualitative, quantitative and theme analysis of media articles.
  • Opinion polls involving key target audiences of the Client (authorities, market players, journalists, experts, consumers).

Holding PR measurement and evaluation regularly (monthly, quarterly, annually) may help assess the dynamics of PR activities, adjust strategy and determine your next course of messaging in relations with press.

Communications measurements

Interactions with target audiences

It has evolved to become a global trend that the company reputation is regarded as a key non-material attribute of the company. In this light, reputation analysis is sort of an audit of corporate assets.

The results of such audit offer the client an array of tools and resources, enabling them:

  • to look at themselves from the perspective of target audiences (partners, customers…), receive hard evidence in support or against certain corporate theories and compare desired attitudes with real ones;
  • to understand whether corporate communications are efficient or not;
  • to see advantages and weakpoints of the corporate PR strategy;
  • to spot further directions of business development;
  • to measure changes in the reputation with the time and
  • to compare own key social and economic indicators with those of competitors.

Interaction with target audiences: Method 360o

  • Comprehensive reputation analysis
  • Communications audit (analyzing effectiveness of communications strategy)
  • IR audit (analyzing effectiveness of relations with investors)
  • Distribution improvements
  • Studying customer behavior
  • Client-centered business analysis


2D reputation analysis

  • Analyzing communications strategies of key players on the Russian oil market and compiling an extensive SWOT review of their communications platforms.


Compare attitudes in selected stakeholder groups, develop PR strategy and define corporate values. The case study involves:

  • internal and external target audiences;
  • all types of mass media and blogs, which are used to provide communications between the company and its target audiences;


  • Quality study – opinion poll involving target audiences
  • Content analysis of publications in mass media and blogs

Subject of research

  • Company, leadership, brands, closest rivals

Test object

  • Attitudes of selected target audiences

Marketing research

Any difficulty

Competitive benchmarking of product lines and marketing efforts of telecoms operators in 36 countries (Client: JSC Vimpelcom)

Widest coverage

Competitive benchmarking of various markets, ranging from cancer treatments (for ROSNANO) to Impersonal Metal Accounts (for Alfa Bank)

Analytical business support

Insight of new business opportunities, analytical support of M&A deals, audit of partners, etc.

Best practices and in-house techniques

Millionaire Opinion Panel© in partnership with Special Opinion, Kano method of consumer preferences, trend watching, etc.

Policy and expert surveys

Owing to a large pool of sources in the government, political and public institutions, we offer an array of analytical insights, based on confidential information and communications of most prominent experts.

Expert surveys

  • Analyzing political and economic processes (benchmarking perceptions of key events by professional and expert communities to always keep you posted and be aware of opinions, newsbreaks, rumors and broad public forecasts);
  • Analyzing contingencies in a particular sector;
  • Evaluating political risks;
  • Private Information Service (a client-centered system of specialist and consulting account management)

Regional insights

  • Benchmarking political and economic contingencies, evaluating the impact of regional election and PR campaigns;
  • Uncovering influencers and major players to evaluate their opinions and perceptions and make forecasts of future developments;
  • Regional anticrisis management (evaluating political, social and economic stability in regions, making forecasts of possible impacts and disputes)
  • Regional ratings (using an in-house technique to assess key performance indicators of regional authorities of the Russian Federation and their transparency, and to evaluate social and economic and security situation).
  • Retail and merchandizing surveys

    Opinion polls say up to 20% of shop visitors are reluctant to communicate with shop assistants when shopping, which is a standard approach to merchandizing. It is essential that goods and products are positioned correctly, when there shops are overcrowded and shop assistants do not have time to offer assistance to all clients.

    However, in some sectors shop assistants are more than necessary and consulting may be a most critical driver of success. This is particularly true for the sales of consumer electronics, software, financial solutions and products and some others. What if no other type of offering is possible? We are looking forward to non-trivial missions, for we adore non-standard solutions!

    Our merchandizing services:

    • Outsourcing (trained and instructed by clients, our employees will represent their interests in retail chains in Russia);
    • Mobile training: moving shop assistants for training is not always practical, and brining our mobile trainer to them for a session of on-the-job instructions sounds reasonable;
    • POS distribution;
    • Setting standards and developing guidelines of merchandizing. A single policy document means all your merchandisers, agents and shop assistants are aware of how to offer your goods;
    • Evaluating your offering: you've got marvelous shop traffic, all your goods are in place and assistants are well-trained and equipped, but sales are below the bottom line? Perhaps, your assortment is not all right and you need to revise your offering. The method is based on customer and competitor surveys.
    • Snapshot: especially recommendable for franchises.
    • Evaluating shop KPI: a proper location is the most important driver of retail sales. We offer customer polls, assortment audit, personnel efficiency and other evaluation services.

    Creating charts of the three pillars of effective merchandising – standards, offering, personnel – we give you the following advantages:

    Best selling offering

    • Competitive array of products
    • Yummy price for your target audience


    • Training (education and on-the-job training)
    • Motivation (competitions and personnel loyalty programs)
    • Awareness (sales guides, data distributions, dedicated presentations)

    Looking good

    • Price-tags
    • POSM
    • Clean products and shops


    • Priority places
    • Placing by groups, brands, types and packings
    • Face-to-face with the client
    • Product rotation

    Stock keeping

    • Space to sale
    • Effective offering
    • Enough of selling stocks