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Corporate press

Every edition is unique and individually customized strictly following a set of standard procedures, which guarantee high quality and successfully meeting the objectives.

Media Line is responsible for the entire production cycle from designing the corporate magazine or newspaper concept to delivering the product to the customer.

Media concept and business plan

Creating every corporate edition begins with aconcept. This fully defines what will be done in the future and how it will be done. After approving the concept you can proceed with the drawing, approving the budget or working out a business plan if the aim is direct profits.

The project is then implemented and its development monitored.

Editing and content

Media Line offers both complete and partial content filling of an edition.

Media Line journalists have experience of working in major business, public and political editions. We cooperate with journalists from leading Russian newspapers and magazines on a freelance basis. This means that we are able to use the best professionals from different fields.

As the quality of illustrative materials is an essential component of any successful newspaper or magazine, the our professional photojournalists conduct reportage filming, studio photo sessions and other photo work.

Design and layout

The design and layout of an edition is the most common production phase performed by an outsourcing firm as a high-level designer and good coder unlikely to realize their potential working in a non-specialized company. The best results come from close cooperation between the editor and designer as visual and textual content should be in organic unity! Especially as the content and illustrations in every regular issue should differ from the previous, but maintain the original design and be consistent with the concept. Media Line editions meet all the modern design requirements and satisfy all the needs of target audiences.


The modern corporate press has long been consistent with the quality standards adopted in this industry. Choosing the printing house and printing process is very important as the printing cost ranges from 50% to 80% of the edition's budget.

Media Line cooperates with a large number of printing houses in Russia and abroad. For every task the Publishing House uses the best solution, optimizing the edition's budget without affecting its quality.

Our printing managers are constantly supervising the conformity between press works and color samples as well as keeping to production schedules.


A magazine only lives when it is read, and succeeds if it is read at the right time. This is why delivery is a very important part of the process.

Media Line offers deliveries to our customers'premises, office doors and shops.

The delivery service is subcontracted, but supervised by Media Line.

The Publishing House's projects annually win awards at all professional corporate press competitions.