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Imagine Creative Bureau organizes all kinds of events, from small parties and working visits to large-scale events for up to 5000 participants.

Over the past two years the bureau has organized over 100 different events such as presentations, business meetings and trips, corporate holidays and overseas events in France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Romania and Turkey.

The work begins by creating a clear, articulate concept and scenario. This is vital to the success of the event is determined at this early stage as selecting and renting suitable premises, staff recruitment, organizing the entertainment program, the technical side of the event, preparing and producing souvenirs and other important preparatory work can be tailored to the original concept and scenario.


The design branch of Imagine Creative Bureau specializes in developing advertising campaigns, corporate identities, printing production and event decorations.

Imagine Creative Bureau develops every element of corporate identity (logos, corporate fonts, color, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, souvenirs, and promotional materials). It also creates a brand-book, containing instructions on how to correctly use these elements. Corporate identity is not just a compilation of graphic signs, but a reflection of the philosophy and reputation of a company.

Imagine Bureau provides services aimed at creating company images and advertising materials, product or brand promotion (booklets, leaflets, posters, calendars, postcards, exhibition stands, outdoor advertising). Original texts, illustrations and photographs allow us to be as effective and unique as possible.

Imagine Creative Bureau makes advertisement mock-ups for media, i.e. vivid and concise modules providing optimal delivery of information to the consumer.

Printing Services

Printing is the realization of the designer's ideas. Imagine Creative Bureau not only creates design projects, but also performs the full cycle of product development. The printing component (scenery, booklets, invitations, programs) complements the picture of the project or event and makes it complete.