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Internet projects and mobile sites

Bemobi develops and supports computer, mobile phone, smartphone and PDA screen operational sites.

Thanks to the Bemobi content management system (CMS), a unique online service for the development of Internet resources, customers can control their online resource or create their own site without any special knowledge or skills.

For more details read Site Constructor / Content management system.

PR on the Internet

The internet is an interactive and constantly evolving communications environment with new opportunities for target audience interaction. The Internet allows PR campaigns to reach high-efficiency. However, the online environment has its limits. If the printed media loses relevance over time, Internet publications are in constant access for a long time. This requires some accuracy when preparing and distributing texts on the network.

The active development of modern Internet-services - Internet communities, social networks, blogs - further complicates the work of PR specialists. It's difficult to track the Internet content produced by the members of these communities and even more difficult to eliminate the consequences of negative entries.

As part of the PR-support Bemobi specialists analyze the information field and related Internet segments. They monitor information about the company, person, products or services in the major search engines. Using this analysis, PR-specialists choose tools to correct the information field. Then they form a list of news, information and related resources to work with the target segments and disseminate the information materials. If necessary, innovative ways of Internet communications are used. For example, thematic communities, discussions and on-line conferences are established, maintained or conducted.

Bemobi's specialists are able to conduct content support of the Internet project and up-date the news and other texts on a web-site.

The timing of all pre-planned activities is constantly controlled during the PR-campaign. Relevant data allows us to adjust the PR-strategy. Bemobi's specialists offer web-site information support for both Bemobi-created sites and for those not created by Bemobi.

Advertising on the Internet

The main objective of Internet advertising is to increase a project's target audience. Internet advertising campaigns can effectively influence target groups. Potential consumers can be attracted and contacted directly. Bemobi does advertising all kinds of campaigns from target promotions of a certain product to full-scale promotions aimed at increasing brand recognition.

Bemobi develops the advertising, analyzes customer needs and the competitive advantages and individual of brand features and conducts relevant internet market research. Using this, an advertising address creative is conceived and types of advertising media are selected. The timing of all pre-planned activities is constantly controlled throughout the PR-campaign and the strategy can be adjusted accordingly. Afterwards, a detailed report is sent to the customer either detailing the whole cycle or certain stages.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimized structure, content and HTML-code make an Internet project more visible for search robots and more convenient for visitors.

Optimization starts with a comprehensive audit of the Internet project, which includes the creation of the semantic core (i.e. a list of keywords and phrases that users use to find information on the resource), analysis of competition on requests within the semantic core, evaluation of the site's architecture, content and usability.

The idea behind such analysis is to pinpoint and fix glitches and bugs and then implement measures to streamline the entire web project. After optimizing the site's textual content, it is then indexed in search engines and catalogs in order to boost the website's rating in search engines for given keywords and ultimately to attract significantly more visitors to the site.

Multimedia Products

Multimedia products for marketing and PR promotion have become a standard procedure for many modern companies. CD or DVD multimedia presentations help to convey information to consumers. Media reports cover events in the life of the company or person.

Bemobi develops multimedia presentation products: corporate presentation CDs, CD business cards, electronic booklets, pamphlets and catalogues.

The hallmark of Bemobi is successful, consistent, well-designed and developed multimedia projects.

Multimedia presentations may include a manual, booklet or catalogue, video and audio. They can be in several languagesand integrated with the company's web site. Bemobi's designers realize creative solutions in the field of multimedia designing using the customer's corporate style.

Bemobi performs all the stages of creating multimedia products, including rapid and high quality CD copying.

Online services

Today's online services allow us to implement new models of interaction with the target audience. Bemobi offers its customers a wide range of online services. Solutions that can be placed on the Internet or integrated with existing Internet projects.

Site Constructor / Content management system

Bemobi ( is a unique Russian online service for developing internet resources. Even a technically untrained user can use it to create a park of sites and optimize them for viewing via PCs and all types of mobile devices. A park of sites can be controlled by using Bemobi's CMS system. The construction of a park of sites allows Bemobi Content management system (Site Constructor) users to gain a multimillion audience of actively developing mobile networks.