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Media Monitoring and Analysis

AGT has been specializing in media monitoring and analysis since 2001. Today it is one of the main activities of the agency. The information and analytical department employs more than 30 personnel. The agency offers a full range of services: from media monitoring and communication auditing the company's reputation to studying and evaluating the effectiveness of PR-activities. Unique analytical products are developed taking into account our clients' requirements and wishes.

AGT-Telecom conducts the most comprehensive analysis of regional publications. AGT is the only agency in Russia which has a vast base of regional media. This improves PR-auditing, regional consulting and qualitative analysis.

Media Monitoring is based on techniques developed by AGT-Telecom specialists. AGT monitors more than 4,000 sources. We use the Connect automated system, but all the results are processed and verified by analysts, which keeps the chances of errors at a minimum. We can offer an unrivalled service of on-line updates 3 times a day. The earliest product is being available at 9 am.

PR-auditing and consulting

PR-auditing is the most pressing service for geographically-distributed business structures. Auditing of communication activities is carried out in each regional company and is represented in order to assess the effectiveness of work, unify communication policy and optimize external and internal communication.

We use versatile methods of analysis: in depth interviews with top managers and employees of companies, media representatives and authorities, information field analysis. Then following the audit results, recommendations are worked out. AGT-Telecom's customers, who underwent PR-auditing, make this a regular and mandatory procedure for all regional companies.

Regional Relations

Regional relations or regional consulting is a variety of PR-auditing, developing, regulating and evaluation methods used to implement the company's regional strategy designed by AGT Telecom's specialists based on experience gained with companies such as MegaFon, Rostelecom, Svyaz-Bank and Nokia. The agency helps its clients conduct system work with audiences via its regional network. This results in an information field increase of between 20-30%.

Investor Relations

To increase investment and capital AGT-Telecom helps build and maintain a positive brand. The agency provides a range of services: from press-kits, analytical materials preparation, information support about bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions, issuing securities, organizing shareholder meetings to analysing and developing foreign-media-image-making strategies.

Government Relations

The IT and communications markets are very difficultly-regulated industries. Companies often need help in establishing a dialogue with the public, political and social structures. Every case is a different interaction of business and environmental issues between a company and the authorities.

Informational support

ICT market features new and upcoming products and solutions that require constant PR-support. Due to its sectoral specialization the Agency offers high quality PR-services. Its personnel know ways and methods to tackle virtually any problem arising in the information field.

The agency's customers are large national companies with extensive regional networks. AGT-Telecom provides companies with full information support.
The agency has established relations with the target media in all regions.

As every case calls for an individually developed plan of informational support, AGT uses only the most professional and experienced journalists.