AGT communication group won three top awards "Silver Archer", including the Grand Prix of the Prize.

20 February 2018

AGT communication group won three top awards "Silver Archer", including the Grand Prix of the Prize.

February 16, 2018 at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation hosted the 21st Award Ceremony of the winners of the National Award in the field of development of public relations "Silver Archer". AGT communication group presented four projects for the highest professional award, including the regional project "AGT-Siberia".

In the nomination for international communications, the project "Terra Pangea - the single supercontinent of Aeroflot in Facebook" won. The PAO Gazprom`s project "Soccer for Friendship: How to enable children around the world to be heard?" was awarded the highest professional award in the field of corporate social responsibility, and also became the Project of the Year, receiving the Grand Prix of the Prize. The short-list also included the joint project "AGT-Siberia" and the Children's Charity Fund "Sunny City" - "Day of Care for the Day of Work".

All-Russian action "Masters of the business" of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation on the results of the open presentation entered the top three, but in the sum of points it took the fourth place.

"Silver Archer" is a unique prize in which all Russian regions, all companies have the opportunity to present their projects, "said Vyacheslav Lashchevsky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AGT communications group, Deputy Chairman of the Commission for the Development of the Information Society, Media and Mass Communications. - I think that the Public Chamber of Russia is the right place for holding such events. Especially since this year there are a lot of creative social projects on the Archer. For AGT Group, the opportunity to be a part of such initiatives is very important. The achieved success is based on the trust of our customers, the tremendous work of the company's employees in Moscow and the regions, the efforts of our partners. "

For the 2017 competition, almost 500 applications were received from all over the country. Many of them have high social significance. According to the evaluations of the members of the Expert Council, 60 projects were given the right to public defense within the framework of the Days of Open Presentations.

The projects were presented in 10 nominations: Corporate Communications, Charity, Corporate Social Responsibility, Intra-corporate Communications, International Communications, Promotion of State, Public and Social Programs, Promotion of Territories, Digital- communication "," Technologies of the future "," Marketing communications ".

"It is important to note that this season many regional projects set a high professional standard and competed actively with federal ones," stressed Vyacheslav Lashchevsky. - "Silver Archer" is a contest that chooses projects with a great civic sound. In 2017, many initiatives have been implemented that are aimed at addressing the acute problems of society. And even in business projects there is still a large human component. This year we are waiting for new projects, new achievements, new peaks. Therefore, we will find new reserves for the realization of bright and bold ideas. "

Also the other day, the winners of the professional annual award of the event marketing and integrated communications industry BEMA were awarded. The joint projects of AGT communication group and Imagine Creative Bureau once again showed good results: the project "Plenary Session of the Open Innovations 2017 Forum" won 2nd place in the "Best Business Event" category, and the project "Russian Premiere of Nokia 3310, Nokia 3, 5, 6 "- 3 place in the category" Best launch of a new product ".