Top 20 New Year characters in Russian regions

1 January 2018

Following the results of 2017, AGT communications agency and Smyslografiya Analytical agency again conducted a study of the presence of fabulous New Year characters in the regions of Russia in the domestic media.

Father Frost from Veliky Ustyug and Snegurochka from Kostroma undoubtedly leads (194 and 102 thousand publications respectively according to the results of 2017). In recent years, the number of official regional representations of Veliky Ustyug Grandfather Frost has expanded and this could not but affect the information coverage.

Analysts of Smyslography in their study checked the "expansion" of foreign wizards into the Russian media field. The mention of the national Father Frost is ten times higher than the media presence of Santa Claus (18 thousand publications) and almost 50 times, for example, the Finnish Joulupukki and the Belarusian Dzeda Maroz (377 and 256 publications in 2017).

In addition to the main characters, in the top 5 Russian New Year characters, as well as in 2015, included:

Kysh Babai (Winter Grandfather from Tatarstan) - 1932

Tol Babay (Father Frost from Udmurtia) - 1401

Pakkayne (Karelian Morozets) – 1130

As commented Vladislav Shulaev, Director for Promotion of the Territories of AGT communication agency: "This constancy of the leaders speaks about the undoubted success of all five regional New Year projects, for which fame is extremely important, since attendance depends on it. In fact, the Tatarstan, Udmurt and Karelian projects have proved that they are worthy samples for replication. "

The top 20 also included

6. Talvi Ukko (Brother Pakkaine) - 1028

7. Chyskhan (Yakutia) - 1015

8. Yamal Iri (YNAO) - 540

9. Baikal Father Frost - 507

10. The Archangel Snowman - 481

11. Kar Kyzy (Snow Maiden, Tatarstan) - 466

12. Chol Muchi (Chuvashia) - 455

13. Yakshamo Atia (Mordovia) - 332

14. The Ural grandfather Frost - 315

15. Sagaan Ubugun (White Elder from Buryatia) - 307

16. Moroz Voevoda (Yaroslavl Region) - 262

17. The juice of Irey (Tyva) - 224

18. Yur Pike (Snow Maiden, Chuvashia) - 141

19. Lapland Father Frost (Murmansk region) - 115

20. Jushto Kugiz (Mari El) – 109

"In general, the study shows," said Vladislav Shulaev, "that the project of New Year's Residences in Russia is transformed into a network before the eyes, increasingly covering the regions with permanent fairy-tale estates and patrimonies. For our distances, this is the optimal solution, given the high demand for traveling to visit Grandfather Frost and his granddaughter "

For two years in the top 20 popular New Year characters, four newcomers broke in at once: the named brother of Karelian Morozz - Talvie Ukko, Baikal and Urals Grandfathers of Frost, and Moroz Voevoda from Yaroslavl Karabiha - the places where NA. Nekrasov in 1863 composed the poem "Frost, Red Nose".

According to Vladislav Shulaev, there are two more important conclusions from the study. First, the granddaughters of the Winter Grandfather and snow girls - Kar Kyzy, Yur Pike, Lumudyr, Lymy Nyl are becoming more and more famous. This means that regional Santa Clauses can become real drivers for "promotion" and actualization of other folk mythological characters. Secondly, the projects of New Year's characters in our time require not only a creative, but also a business approach. Therefore, characters that are minimally noticed by the press, probably, need a "reset" and new development strategies.

According to Vladislav Shulaev, the country has accumulated a lot of successful experience that allows, within a year and a half with relatively small investments, to achieve multifaceted positive results for the residents of the region, for small businesses, for tourists and for the development of small towns infrastructure, along with which, as a rule , there are residences of New Year's wizards.