Vyacheslav Lashchevsky supports the adoption of a professional standard in the field of public relations.

29 January 2018

On January 25, in Tatyana's day, Vyacheslav Lashchevsky, a member of the Public Chamber of Russian Federation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AGT communications group, spoke in Nizhny Novgorod before the finalists of the professional public relations competition "Silver Archer - Privolzhye".

"Communication industry does not have a professional standard. Although there is the certification of specialists take place. There is also an educational standard that is created without a professional standard, which is not normal. Therefore, I think it is necessary to organize work on the basis of the Public Chamber to develop and approve a professional standard", said a member of the Public Chamber of Russian Federation, deputy chairman of the Commission for the Development of the Information Society, the media and mass communications.

Vyacheslav Lashchevsky believes that the adoption of a professional standard is one of the important tasks for the development of the country's communications industry, along with the coordination of all industry associations, the formation of a single calendar of events and the holding of professional competitions.

One of the most significant and respected competitions in the field of public relations is the Silver Archer, held at the level of federal districts and the All-Russian level. According to Vyacheslav Lashchevsky, who acted as the chairman of the jury of the Silver Archer-Privolzhye competition, "professional awards and competitions set the bar and promote the spread of new solutions in the communications industry."

The VII Regional Silver Archer-Privolzhye Prize was held in 8 nominations: Corporate Communications, Marketing Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility and Charity, Promotion of State, Social and Social Programs, Development and Promotion of Territories, Digital Communications "," Promoting the ideas of a sporting and healthy lifestyle "," Promoting Culture and Historical Heritage ". The geography of the selected projects is the Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Kirov and Saratov regions, the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Republic of Udmurtia, the Perm Territory and the Republic of Tatarstan.