Vyacheslav Lashchevsky proposed to unite the efforts of associations in the field of communications.

11 December 2017

Vyacheslav Lashchevsky proposed to unite the efforts of associations in the field of communications.

Member of the Public Chamber of Russian Federation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AGT Communication Group, Vyacheslav Lashchevsky made a proposal to unite the efforts of associations in the field of communications on the site of the RF OP. V.Lashchevsky announced this initiative at the RASO forum "PR Days in Moscow" within the framework of the "Future of the Professional Community" section.

According to the deputy chairman of the OP Commission for the development of the information community, mass media and mass communications, the cooperation of the existing associations in the field of communications will benefit the entire professional community.

Vyacheslav Lashchevsky outlined the main areas of cooperation on which it is important to unite the efforts of associations: "interaction with government agencies, professional and educational standards, a general calendar of industry events, forums and conferences, professional competitions, educational courses, seminars and trainings."

The Russian Academy of Advertising (RAP), the Russian Academy of Public Relations (RAO), the Russian Public Relations Association (RASO), the Association of Directors of Communications and Corporate Media of Russia (AKMR), the Association (AKAR), Association of Consultancy Companies in the field of Public Relations (AKOS) could coordinate its activities and expand cooperation on the site of the Public Chamber.

"Two years ago, we "met" for the first time. These associations for the first time sat down at the same negotiating table, - said the chairman of AKOS Sergey Zverev. "The role of associations is to agree on what we do together, where we go together."

According to S. Zverev, the entire communication market faces major challenges now, and their solution largely depends on the effectiveness of the activities of professional associations.

President of AKMR Igor Ignatyev noted that in recent years, significant successes have been achieved in a number of areas of cooperation, in particular, in creating a rating of communication agencies.

"A huge credit for the NR2K rating, where all associations are involved, is that now almost half of the active market of communication agencies are participants in this rating. This is a huge achievement in just 5 years, "I. Ignatiev emphasized.

Yulia Gryaznova, Executive Director of RASO, considers issues of professional and educational standards as priorities for cooperation of associations: "Everywhere in the world, a professional community is still a community of practitioners. And his key task for the future is knowledge management. "

Y. Gryaznova noted that for the successful interaction with the Ministry of Labor of Russia and other state bodies, the unified position of the professional community of the PR industry is important.

Participants of the event discussed the possibilities of cooperation of associations in other areas. Speaking about the nearest plans, Yulia Gryaznova announced her intention to include the tasks on bringing associations closer to the RASO plans for 2018. In turn, Igor Ignatiev expressed the view that "all associations will develop towards self-regulatory organizations."

According to Vyacheslav Lashchevsky, the discussion "demonstrated the high interest of leading Russian associations to establish closer coordination. We expect that the proposal to create a working group on the Public Chamber's floor will be supported by all participants of the communication market and will allow the professional community to solve the tasks facing the industry at a qualitatively new level."