AGT Communication Group became a holder of the diploma of winner of 2016-National Rating of Communication Companies

15 September 2017

The communication group of the AGT received a diploma of the winner of the National rating of communication companies, the results of which were summed up on the first day of the International Forum Baltic Weekend 2017.

This year, 55 largest capital and regional companies became the rating participants (in 2015 - 45, in 2014 - 35, in 2013 - 26). AGT communication group has always been among the top three of the country's top 50 companies. And by the end of 2016 for the first time topped the rating.

The first National rating of communication companies (NR2K) was published in 2013 and became a landmark annual event in the Public Relations industry, which was evaluated both by the expert community and the participants of the communication services market. The primary objectives of HP2K are the creation of a single industry space, as well as self-regulation and development of the market of communication services.

"2016, following which we became the number one communication company in Russia, was the year of the 20th anniversary of AGT. And our victory is a common result for two decades of all employees, many of whom have grown up in our customers, our Clients who are demanding and fair, our partners, journalists, with whom we create. Thanks to our competitors as well, as we know, fair competition is the guarantee of the growth of quality and efficiency of work. Special thanks to the employees of AGT-2016-2017. We are a real reliable and creative team! ", Said Vyacheslav Laschevsky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AGT Communications Group.

The NR2K rating is supported by the Russian Academy of Public Relations (RAO), the Russian Public Relations Association (RASO), the Association of Consultancy Companies in Public Relations (AKOS), the Association of Communications Directors and Corporate Media of Russia (AKMR). 

The full results of the rating can be found on the link: