3M and AGT conquered metal

25 May 2017

3M and AGT conquered metal

The largest Russian exhibition of world machine-tool construction and modern technologies of metalworking "Metalworking-2017" was completed In Moscow. Within the framework of the exhibition, the international production company 3M and AGT agency organized a conference "Modern metal working: problems and prospects of the industry development". The embodiment of modern technologies for metalworking was the statue "The Conqueror of Metal", which met participants and guests of the exhibition.

2.5-meters-height statue of alloy steel was produced by creative tandem 2MS from Izhevsk - Maxim Surnin and Maria Solovatova. For 7 years sculptors 2MS create works of art from metal using the technology of Racial-Art, i.e. Eco-friendly recycling through art. The relatively new direction is gaining momentum due to close attention to the environment around the world.

In the manufacture of the statue, scrap metal was partly used - parts from water heating tanks, air receivers, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, car mufflers and even store-weight Soviet scales. The Conqueror of Metal concept was selected from more than 20 sketches. As a result, we came to the most concise, rigorous and brutal, the theme of the exhibition.

AGT acted as a co-author of the Conqueror of Metal concept and the co-organizer of the conference, carried out a full range of works on presenting the company at the exhibition, developing a business program concept and preparing information materials, announcing the conference in the media and implementing activities within the project.

"AGT pays special attention to projects of ecology, energy efficiency and non-standard technological solutions. The marketing move with the installation of metal sculpture allowed not only to get a wide coverage of the audience of the exhibition visitors, but also contributed to the formation of loyalty to the company 3M and the recognition of the brand Cubitron. Near the art-object were constantly wishing to make a photo and selfie with "The Conqueror of Metal", - said Vladislav Shulaev, Director for Marketing Communications AGT.