The second time in a row, the AGT acts as the organizing committee of the international competition Sika Awards 2017 in Russia!

24 April 2017

The second time in a row, the AGT acts as the organizing committee of the international competition Sika Awards 2017 in Russia!

The international competition of innovative architectural solutions Sika Awards 2017, organized by the international chemical concern Sika, the world leader in the development of construction technologies and materials, was launched.

This year Russian students-architects are invited to develop a project of the football stadium of the future in any city of Russia. Football World Cup 2018 became the driver for the development of sports infrastructure throughout the country, so the theme of stadiums is more relevant than ever and has a great potential in the future.

The winners will go on an architectural tour in Zurich to Switzerland to see the works of world architecture legends Santiago Calatrava, Le Corbusier and other modern architects.

“The competition gives the opportunity for future specialists to try themselves as real architects and implement the most daring and original ideas. With the help of modern technologies and building chemistry materials, new opportunities have emerged to implement the most complex projects in terms of architecture, construction and design. The contest encourages future specialists to pay attention to innovative technologies that allow not only to transform the urban infrastructure qualitatively, but also to optimize the entire process of construction and operation of the facility” - Sergey Zyuzya, Sika Russia General Director.

Detailed information on the competition, a complete list of participation rules and the registration form are available on the official website:

AGT acts as the organizing committee of the competition and carries out a full range of works on the preparation of information materials, the announcement of the contest in the media and the implementation of activities within the project. Also, AGT specialists are responsible for interaction with project participants, collection and processing of applications for participation in the competition.

SIKA AWARDS is an annual international competition for future architects and designers, aimed at popularizing innovative technologies in construction for the qualitative transformation of the urban environment. The competition is held regularly in Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Chile and other countries. It is the second time for SikaAwards being held in Russia. The theme of the SikaAwards 2015 contest was "Bridges of the Future". More than 200 student teams from 54 universities of 48 cities of Russia took part in the competition. In 2015, the SikaAwards competition became a finalist of the National Silver Archer Award and the winner of the RuPoR Award.