"AGT-Siberia" and the charity fund "Sunny City" have collected 1.2 million rubles to help special orphans

13 April 2017

"AGT-Siberia" and the charity fund "Sunny City" have collected 1.2 million rubles to help special orphans

"AGT-Siberia" communications agency, which is part of the AGT communications group, and the children's charity foundation "Sunny City", within the framework of the partnership, held a charity event "Day of Care for the Day of Work". For one day, 743 participants donated 1 244 758 rubles for the introduction of a "family" model in the Oyashinsky orphanage for children without parents with mental development features.

Within one day a special calculator worked on the деньзаботы.рф site. It showed to everyone the cost of their work hours and made it possible for them to donate the cost of several working hours. During the action, private donors transferred 1 244 758 rubles to help special orphans. The action has become an all-Russian scale - not only indifferent people from Novosibirsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Barnaul, Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk, Samara, Ekaterinburg, Voronezh, Kaliningrad, Vladivostok and other cities of Russia took part in it. The largest transfer from a private person was 50,000 rubles. The action was supported by well-known TV presenter Olga Shelest, boxer Kostya Tszyu, fitness model Ekaterina Usmanova and actress Anna Khilkevich.

"It's great that "Care Day" is becoming a good tradition," says Marina Aksenova, director of the Children's Charitable Foundation "Sunny City". - For me yesterday was not just a day of action, it was like a holiday - by emotions, good and bright publications on social networks from the participants. The same impressions are among many of our friends, and this can not but rejoice. The important thing is not how much the person listed - 100, 1000, 5000 rubles, the main thing is that the number of participants has increased significantly. More and more people understand: it is not necessary to wait for the earned millions to start helping others. The "Day of Care" campaign is about a simple, understandable and interesting charity."

"This action, invented and implemented by us and the" Sunny City "foundation, is a big and complex project, which we started to engage in in 2015. It was important to develop a mechanics of the action that would help raise money for solving a systemic problem, and not for a particular person in trouble. We came up with how to make charity accessible to everyone: they decided to make a special day in the year when a large number of people who are not indifferent can give their working day to their children without breaking away from their usual affairs, "said Yegor Yegoshin, general director of the communication agency AGT- Siberia".

For today, Oyashinsky orphanage is the only institution in the Novosibirsk region for orphans with mental developmental features, which has 404 children between 4 and 18 years of age. Thanks to the action "Day of Care" in Oyash under the guidance of experienced specialists there will be significant changes. Groups will become "families", where children of different ages will live together like brothers and sisters. The children's living conditions will be similar to the home ones: the rooms will be converted in a special way, they will have developing corners, toys in the area of ​​accessibility for the child, mirrors at the level of children's eyes and all items for activity and inclusion of children. The "turnover" of the staff will cease, and an additional educator will appear in each group. An important part of the project will be the training of personnel in new technologies of caring for the child, where the main principle will be respect for the personality of the little person and his needs.

In order to implement a set of changes in the Oyashinsky orphanage for all 404 pupils, equip groups and train staff, you need 3 million rubles. And it was an idea to collect this sum at the "Day of Care for the Day of Work" in the action. If for some reason you did not manage to become a participant of the action, you can support the project "At home: in Oyash" on the website of the "Sunny City" fund www.sgdeti.ru. On the same site and in the social networks of the fund, all participants can observe the implementation of the project and its results.

The action "Day of care for the day of work" was held for the second year in a row. Last time, as part of the action, funds were collected to pay for nannies nursing in hospitals for children left without parental care. As a result, nearly one million rubles was transferred to the fund's account, and it was possible to pay 9,840 hours of work for nannies, which is six months of project implementation.

"AGT-Siberia" communications agency carried out work on a gratuitous basis.