AGT identified the role of Russia in the global communications industry

5 April 2017

AGT identified the role of Russia in the global communications industry

AGT —Āommunications group participated in PROI Worldwide Global Summit in 2017, which is annual meeting of the members of the PROI Worldwide network, held in Sydney, Australia. The summit, organized in the 47th time, was attended by over 200 representatives of the leading communication agencies from more than 60 countries in Asia, Africa, North and South America, Europe and Oceania. Russia was represented at the event by Vladimir Serov, Director of international communications and AGT business development.

During the past year PROI Worldwide network have increased considerably in almost all continents. For the first time new agencies in Australia, Cameroon, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand joined the network, making PROI the most wide network of leading independent communications agencies in the world. Every day the network advises and implements communication projects more than 3,500 customers in 65 countries. Among PROI`s clients are leading international brands, including Google, Zara, Microsoft, Intel, Gazprom, walmart, AliExpress, PepsiCo, Emirates Airlines, Mercedes Benz, Samsung, the governments and administrations of countries and international organizations.

"The world is changing dramatically, with changes affecting absolutely all markets. It is now important to continue working to strengthen international business relations. Fortunately, our colleagues in the US and other countries clearly understand the situation and move in one direction with us. We are doing an excellent job, "- said Vladimir Serov, at the site of the Australian summit. "We plan to launch over 30 mentoring and internetworking programs around the world by 2019. I consider it important to strengthen the joint role of national communication agencies in the development of the global communications industry, especially if we are talking about the agencies of key markets such as Russia, the United States And China."

AGT communication group is the exclusive representative of the PROI Worldwide network in Russia and a number of CIS countries. The group includes more than 15 communication, branding, analytical and production agencies, as well as the most extensive regional network of PR agencies in Russia. AGT is the operator of Russian and international communication programs, including the international children's social program of PAO Gazprom, Football for Friendship, implemented by AGT in 64 countries.