"Norilsk Nickel" brand has appeared in the top-20 global steel industry

24 March 2017

"Norilsk Nickel" brand has appeared in the top-20 global steel industry

An independent brands assessment consultant Brand Finance estimated the brand "Norilsk Nickel" at $675 million (41 billion rubles at the exchange rate for the end of 2016), says the company`s report. The logo and trademark of the company were included in the list of the most important and valuable metallurgical and mining brands in the world, says the consultant. "Norilsk Nickel" brand is on the 20-th place of the ranking.

The consultant assesses the strength of the company through the emotional bond between customers and employees of the company and the financial stability of the owner of the brand. And the brand value is calculated on the basis of royalty rates for the sector of the economy where the company operates, and the specific revenue from the use of the brand that receives the parent company, the report said.

"We have carried out the rebranding of "Norilsk Nickel" in 2016, to emphasize the main ideas and meanings of the image of our company – reliability and hope. I am sure that a higher place in the ranking is the result of this work," said senior Vice-President of "NorNickel" Larisa Zelkova.

A new platform for the brand, brand architecture and communication strategy were developed by Brand Team agency, which is a part of AGT communications group.

"We are proud of two components of the result: the first is that we created an emotional story of hope (associated with reliability, the old Russian word "reliable"), and also we were able to tell it in poetic form (perhaps this is the only idea in the world of the brand in verse). And the second component is that we were able to visualize almost literally the idea of "making the world solid" through two hemispheres bonded by a stiffener. Thus creating a very simple, and therefore reliable and practical insignia," – according to the project results comments by Alexander Ermilov - managing partner of Brand Team agency which a part of AGT communications group.

The key meanings of the brand were "reliability" and "hope". Reliability represents the purpose of company-produced metals and the specificity of the processes and people, and hope explains the source of energy for company`s development and indomitable spirit.