Donor Day in the Youth Educational Forum

14 August 2020

Donor Day in the Youth Educational Forum
The AGT team supported the 105th Donor Day organized by LG Electronics in the Youth Educational Forum. The event was held with the support of LG's partner - the Blood Center of the FMBA of Russia. 
The 105th Donor Day was supported by world famous designer Igor Chapurin, football player Artyom Rebrov, and young bloggers from TikTok and Instagram: Vanya Dmitrienko, Kirill Felix and Sofia Tishchenko.

Uniting different generations of influencers on the largest youth forum in Russia, LG Electronics strives to convey the importance of good deeds to the widest possible audience. AGT agency is proud to help LG in this noble goal.
Since LG Russia initiated its blood donation campaign in 2009, more than 18,000 lives have been saved with the thousands of liters of blood collected. Engaging influencers and celebrities helped LG Russia effectively spread its blood donation message.

The campaign underscored the important role citizens can play in Russia’s healthcare system, prompting discussion online and persuading more people to willingly join the cause. Through this initiative, and countless other efforts around the globe, LG is giving back in meaningful ways; changing lives for the better and encouraging all of us to care about one another and the planet we call home.