Shock August: AGT in the top three media PR rating agencies.

19 September 2018

Shock August: AGT in the top three media PR rating agencies.

AGT communication agency was among the top three leaders of the August media rating of PR agencies, having risen by 9 points compared to the previous month. The list was headed by SNMG agency, having displaced the leader of the July rating, SPN Communications agency, in second place. The rating was prepared by the company Medialogia specifically for AKOS.

The rating is based on the Russian media based on the media database of the Medialogy system, which includes about 46,200 sources: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, news agencies, Internet media. In the analysis, only PR-agencies that are members of AKOS were considered.

The calculation of the media index is based on the consideration of several evaluation criteria applied to each message with the mention of the object. These include: the influence of the source of information, the nature of the mention, the role of the object in the message, the presence of direct or indirect speech in relation to the person.

About AKOS

AKOS is an association of consultancy companies in the field of public relations. It was created on March 16, 1999 by the Russian unit of the International Association of Consultants in Public Relations (ICCO). Among the main tasks, AKOS highlights the development of a highly professional, transparent and efficient PR services industry in Russia, the establishment of high ethical standards, the development of PR education and the representation of the public interests of the members of the Association.

About Medialogy

"Medialogy" is an independent Russian media research company specializing in media analysis in real time. "Medialogy" solves the problems of monitoring and analysis of the media and social media, allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of PR and marketing communications.