Public relations analysis in Russia

Public relations analysis in Russia is used to trace down all publications about the client, its competitors and most important events in the sector of interest in order to timely react to possible information risks. The public relations analysis in Russia is a vital tool of press-services, PR departments, state administrations and companies.

Media monitoring involves a review of largest digital databases of Russian and foreign media, specialized printed media, and Internet search portals. There are more than 15,000 Russian and foreign media outlets, accessible via our electronic databases and search engines:

  • Integrum;
  • Medialogia;
  • Paid newswires;
  • Factiva, containing a collection of publications of more than 10,000 authoritative sources including The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Dow Jones, Reuters, Associated Press;
  • Search systems Yandex, Google, Yahoo.

Aggressive operations of information and analytical services in all federal districts of Russia and neighboring nations provided a general expansion of our monitoring capabilities at the expense of regional networks, which are not listed in federal media databases. Owing to different time belts our specialists in the Far East ensure that daily information and analytical products of the company become available at 5 a.m. Moscow.

We use dedicated software, developed by specialists of the company — the automated media monitoring and analysis system of AGT, which allows granting clients online access to all monitoring materials via the AGT web portal.

All the materials selected for monitoring are fed to the AGT system, where they are processed and arranged appropriately in order to make it possible to retrieve statistical data, also making publication search easy.

The format and the structure of the media monitoring result presentation are subject to the agreement with the client. However, we always make highlights of each and every publication, indicating its main message and the role of client in it.

The results of media monitoring are presented at any time convenient for the client from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. and can be updated up to three times a day. Rapid news awareness is also available as part of our Top News program aimed at providing the client with a news brief within an hour after the release of a publication.

We offer daily and monthly products in the English language for our foreign clients.

AGT conducts monitoring of publications in popular blogseither, including:,,,,,, various forums and individual blog pages.

The review normally includes:

  • The statistics on the number of publications, mentioning the client, which appeared in the Russian-segment of Internet social networks;
  • The list of blog hostings and social networks, mentioning the client;
  • The breakdown of publications into positive, negative and neutral;
  • The list of topics, in conjunction with which the client was mentioned in the Russian segment of Internet social networks;
  • The list of social network users, who wrote most on the problems of interest for the client;
  • Conclusions about the representation of the client in the Russian language social networks and recommendations on possible responses and reactions.