Corporate communications in Russia

While traditionally "public relations" mean a set of measures to create a positive image of the company for external clients, the corporate communications in Russia is essentially the same thing, but targets the "internal client", namely company's employees.

Corporate communications in Russia is a key task for many top managers now, because it provides a comfortable communication climate at all levels of corporate hierarchy. Proper corporate communications in Russiaimproves motivation and loyalty of employees, forges closer relationships, helps raise labor productivity and prevent attrition.

The concept of corporate communications in Russia is normally based on the results of the assessment of the general situation in the company, during which the following elements are evaluated:

  • The level of transparency of the government for the ranks;
  • Corporate internal communication mechanisms;
  • Freedom of information exchange;
  • Employees' attitudes towards internal corporate policy;
  • Motivations and top management attitudes.

The main corporate PR tools include printed and electronic corporate media, polls and questionnaires.